About Us

The First United Methodist Church of Southbridge has a long history in the community.  Founded in 1834, the local Methodists held worship services at the South School House in the Globe Village to hear Hezekiah Davis, a preacher from Dudley.  Services were held there and later relocated to Hamilton Woolen Mill until our current church was built and dedicated in 1843 under the leadership of pastor Rev. Stephen Cushing.

Methodism began in England where founder John Wesley and his followers sought to establish "methodical" lives of study and religious duties - thus the name "Methodist."  Wesley devised a "circuit rider" system of traveling mostly by horseback from town to town delivering sermons.  Methodism grew through the dedication and sacrifice of its circuit riders, but also by generations of faithful women, many of whom preached and dedicated themselves to mission work and support of their churches.

First United Methodist Church is the second oldest Methodist church in Worcester County.  We are a member of the Tri-Community Ecumenical Fellowship and were instrumental in the incorporation  of Southbridge Food Share, Inc., an open pantry stocked by area churches and residents to provide free emergency food to those in need.